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Choose the best eyeglasses frames for your gaming lenses

by Eric Gathoni

Choose the best eyeglasses frames for your gaming lenses

The best eyeglasses for gaming

Gaming behaviour can be addictive and can trigger unwanted discomfort in your eyes if not controlled at the right time. Many youngsters are constantly glued to digital devices (computers/laptops, etc.) and expose themselves to different problems like - eye infection, weakened eye muscles, limited vision, etc. 

Besides, continuously playing video games for prolonged periods increases the risk of suffering from additional problems like - blurry vision, headache, dry eyes, eyestrain, etc. 

To counter and address gaming-related eye problems, eye specialists recommend people to wear gaming lenses available in different eyeglass frames. One can find gaming eyeglasses for everyone in the form of:

  • Women’s eyeglasses
  • Men’s eyeglasses and 
  • Kids’ eyeglasses

These eyeglasses come equipped with features like - tint, anti-reflection coating, blue light blocking and protection from UV rays and help in magnified vision. The tint used in these lenses can be of different styles that help with contrast and blue light blocking.

Why wear gaming glasses?

If you are a corporate employee or a fan of video games, your chances of suffering from blurred vision increases after playing a few games or working on laptops continuously for a few hours.

It is futile to constantly adjust the light in your official or gaming laptop to block the blue light from affecting your eyes. Wearing a pair of gaming glasses ensures that the tint on your lenses keeps your eyes protected. These glasses can minimise the strain by protecting your eyes against blue light coming out of the digital screens.

Most gaming glasses come with yellow tints on their lenses to ensure a less tiring colour spectrum for the eyes. There are other tint options too that significantly block the blue light.

Eye specialists, while justifying the use of gaming glasses to explain their utility, share how the lenses used in them protect your eyes from:

  • Increased exposure to blue light - which is responsible for disturbing melatonin production and erratic sleep patterns.
  • The effects of blue light - responsible for macular degeneration and retinal damage due to constant screen exposure.
  • The exhaustive impact of blue light energy - due to uninterrupted working on digital screens.
  • Reduced visual acuity and less attention span - due to the influence of blue light.
  • Possible photochemical damage to the retina and stress to the eyes owing to the blue light effect.
  • Disturbed sleep behaviour - results in depression, neurotoxin build-up and an enhanced risk of suffering from potential diseases.


Are gaming glasses effective?

There is scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of gaming glasses against the effect of blue light from digital screens. Apart from providing relief to your eyes, gaming lenses fitted in stylish eyeglasses frames also give you an unmatched professional look. 

Depending on your taste and need, you can browse through a wide range of collections available across authorised retailers. If your child is crazy about laptops/mobile, you can choose from a broad range of kids’ eyeglasses available both online and in various eyeglasses stores.

Another benefit of wearing gaming glasses is their magnifying effect that makes everything look bigger without you having to fine-tune the resolutions of the video games on your digital screens. This magnification of the on-screen content reduces the unwanted strain on the eyes and no longer hampers your vision.

Choosing the right gaming glasses


Eyes are a critical part of every human being, and hence you must choose the right lenses with proper sunglasses that provide you with improved vision and eye protection.

Choosing the accurate coloured tints enhances your experience of using digital screens and ensures continued safety from the harmful effects of blue light always.

Most authorised retailers and brands offer different eyeglass tints to their customers. The right colour or design of the eyeglasses frames lends an appealing effect to your shades. With gaming lenses available in various styles, designs and for different age groups on offline and online branches, choosing a pair that meets your requirements best is no longer a tough call to make. 

Irrespective of whether you are a gamer, a graphic designer, or a coder, you must wear blue block glasses at all times as they do not have any side effects. Instead, the lens filters out the intense blue light from the screens, thus protecting your eyes.