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All Spectacle Frames and Glasses

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All Spectacle Frames and Glasses

Shop For The Latest Frames For Spectacles

At Optica, we have a wide range of eyeglass frames that are on-trend and highly fashionable. You can try out stylish frames like geometric or rectangle spectacle frames that are available in various materials like metal and acetate. You can buy spectacle frames online, and choose from multiple styles for men and women.

You don’t have to be fashion savvy to find the perfect frames for spectacles. So, when you are looking for spectacle frames, you may want to consider the following tips.

Face shape

The general face shapes are round, oval, diamond, square, or heart-shaped. Your face shape will help you determine which eyeglass frames will suit you the best.

Round-shaped face:

This face shape has the same proportions, so you must look for eyewear that has angles that give depth and dimension to your features. Look for square and geometric-shaped frames, rather than rimless or round frames.

Heart-shaped face:

This shape has a narrow chin, a large forehead, and broad cheekbones. So, to balance the features you must choose eyewear that has a wider bottom half. Square or round frames will help draw attention to your sharp jawline.

Oval shape:

This face shape can carry off almost any style because of the high cheekbones and sharp features. Look for rounded frames like aviators, retro round glasses, or oval frames that help soften your angular features.

Square-shaped face:

A square-shaped face has a strong jawline and broad forehead. To soften the features choose frames that even out your facial proportions, like narrow frames, narrow ovals, and frames that are wider.

A crucial point you must remember when you buy spectacle frames online is that opposites attract. This means you must select eyeglass frames that will contrast your facial features. The frame style must bring overall symmetry to your face and enhance your prominent features. At Optica, you can check out various frames and see which styles complement your appearance the best.


Another tip that can be useful when you buy spectacle frames online is to look for colours that compliment your complexion. Your skin tone can play a key role in enhancing your frames, and making them pop! Here’s how you can find the right colour that matches your skin tone.

Dusky complexion:

If you have a warm skin tone, look for colours like brown, honey, gold, beige, and olive greens. Avoid selecting contrasting colours like pastels.

Fair complexion:

For people with cool complexions, you need to reach for frames with silver, black, pink, blue, grey, or purple. Avoid colours that will make you look pale and washed out.

Buy The Latest Spectacle Frames Online

We ensure that you are spoilt for choice, and you can select from a variety of eyeglass frames that are of premium quality and provide maximum comfort. Select the best frames for spectacles from Optica, and elevate your style instantly.