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Spectacles Frames for Kids

Shop For The Latest Kid’s Eyeglasses

As a parent, when you’re looking for kids eyeglasses you will want the best of the best. They must be comfortable and look good. Selecting kids eyeglasses online can seem like an overwhelming process, but it’s actually quite simple. Even though there is a variety of kids’ eyewear to choose from, here are some tips that can help you select the perfect pair for your little one.

At Optica, you can find the latest kids eyeglasses that are made from quality and safe materials like metal, acetate, and so on. You can also choose from a variety of spectacle frames for boys and girls which can be worn throughout the day, that go with every outfit and are suitable for every occasion. Your little one can choose from frame styles like round, rectangle, square, and cat-eye spectacles by some of the best children's designer glasses that are loved by kids.

Lens thickness:

The first step towards choosing children’s eyeglasses is getting the prescription sorted. So, before looking for frames, have a consultation with an optician about the lenses and lens thickness for your child. If the prescription is high then the lens thickness will be more. Small lenses will have aberrations near the edges, it is risky because you can have distorted and blurred peripheral visions.


Kids are usually self-conscious of wearing glasses, especially if it is for the first time. So, when looking for kids eyeglasses look for frames that have attractive and a modern style. Look for trendy features like photochromatic lenses which will darken when they step out in the sunlight. These cool aspects will encourage your child to wear their eyeglasses frequently.

Bridge fit:

Proper bridge fit is crucial for kids eyeglass frames. Since a child’s nose is not fully developed they don’t have a bridge that will prevent glasses from sliding down their nose. Look for metal frames that have adjustable nose pads, they will keep the glasses in place and will provide a comfortable fit as well. The spectacles frames for boys or girls must have the right fit, or else they will look above the glasses instead of pushing them back. Consult an optician to find the best fit for your little one.

Once you understand all the tips listed above, then you will find the perfect fit for your kid, when online shopping for kids eyeglasses. Finding the right eyewear can speak volumes about your child’s personality. Showcase their fun and practical side by choosing eyeglasses that have stylish frames and functional lenses. You can always refer to the frame size guide on our website to know whether the spectacle is available in the size you want or not.

You can purchase spectacle frames for kids online, and choose from various styles that are specifically catered to a child’s fun and quirky taste. We ensure that our eyeglasses for kids includes a collection of brands that are of premium quality, safe, durable, and provide maximum comfort. 

At Optica, we have a curated collection of trendy eyeglasses and sunglasses. Each pair comes with an eyeglasses size chart that will help you find a comfortable fit. Now, that you have your child’s prescription and you know what to look for when shopping for kids eyeglasses online, head on over to Optica’s online store to find the impeccable eyeglass for your little one!