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Highlight your facial contours with right pair of eyeglasses

by Eric Gathoni

Highlight your facial contours with right pair of eyeglasses

Right Pair of Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Selecting the right pair of eyeglasses that fits perfectly in sync with your face is not easy. Many eyewear brands advertise eyeglasses for square face shapes, round face shapes, oval shapes, and others. There is no perfect pair of eyeglasses unless it suits your facial structure and is in sync with your personality. Just because some eyeglasses look attractive in the optical shop, it does not mean that they must look good on you too.


Determine your facial shape

Do you know the actual shape of your face? To find out what type of eyeglasses would suit you most, pull your hair away from your face and look into the mirror. Now gently outline your face and check the curves of your head. There are seven primary facial types though you may have a face that combines two different shapes owing to the contours of your cheekbones and forehead.

There is a particular eyeglass frame style for each face shape for you to consider.

Oval face shape

This is the most common and ideal facial shape owing to its balanced proportions. You can maintain the natural look of your face by opting for wide eyeglasses with narrow frame styles. The lenses of the glasses must be wider than the broadest part of your face. Though the frame colour and style must be as per your choice, walnut-shaped frames are preferred most for eyeglasses for oval face shapes. You can also opt for square sunglasses for oval face shapes. There is an inherent balance and symmetry about oval faces, and hence every frame style looks good on them. The frame styles that continue to be the most in-demand for oval faces include:

  • Square glasses
  • Rectangle glasses
  • Aviator glasses
  • Cat-eye style glasses
  • Wayfarers style
  • Wrap-around eyeglasses
  • Geometric lenses


Heart-faced shape

Think of a facial shape that looks like an upside-down triangle. A heart-shaped face is wide at the top and narrows down gradually towards the bottom. Also called the base-up triangle-shaped face, the eyeglasses for heart face shapes have frame shapes that are wider at the bottom. Rimless frames are preferred most while choosing sunglasses for heart face shapes. People with facial shapes similar to a heart wear thin, light coloured frames for a light, airy appearance. The best eyeglasses frames for heart-shaped faces include:

  • Oval and circular frames
  • Rectangular frames
  • Rimless and semi-rimless frames
  • Aviator style glasses
  • Wayfarers
  • Cat-eye frames


Triangle shaped face

You will always find someone with a base down triangle-shaped face characterised by a narrow forehead and broadened cheekbones and areas surrounding the chin. The eyeglasses for triangle face shapes are wide at the top to emphasise the narrow portion of the face. Most sunglasses for triangle face shapes are heavily accented with colour and are unusually detailed on the top brow of the frame.

The following frame styles of eyeglasses look great with triangle-shaped faces.

  • Rectangle glasses
  • Aviator glasses
  • Cat-eye glasses
  • Browline glasses


Round faces

A curved contour with lines across the length and breadth of the face in equal proportions characterises a round-shaped face with no angles. Narrow angular eyeglasses for round face shapes lend a narrow-long look to the face. To make the round face appear thinner and longer, you can opt for sunglasses with angular narrow frames. Those with round-shaped faces must opt for frames with a clear bridge and rectangular frames, wherein the width is greater than the depth.

The best sunglasses  for round face shapes include the following eyeglasses styles:

  • Square eyeglasses
  • Rectangular glasses
  • Cat-eyed glasses
  • Wayfarer eyeglasses
  • Oversised glasses
  • Aviator style glasses
  • Navigator styles
  • Geometric framed styles


Square face shapes

A strong jaw and broad forehead are synonymous with a square face. This shape common among men is characterised by similar length and width of the faces. The roughly equal proportions of the face make it look longer. To lend a softened angle to your face, use eyeglasses for square face shapes with narrow frame styles. Try sunglasses for square face shapes with more width than depth or oval-shaped frames for that quirky look.

The best eyeglasses for square faces include:

  • Round or oval frames
  • Browline frames
  • Aviator style glasses
  • Cat-eyed frames
  • Rimless frame styles.


Not many people are aware of the fact that facial shapes change after every three years. Continuing with the same eyeglasses can make you look obsolete. When you go to buy new eyeglasses, ensure that you get the face shape right. With different frame styles to choose from, knowing what suits you best involves understanding your facial structure and then making your choice.