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Different Types of Photochromic Lenses and Their Benefits

by Eric Gathoni

Different Types of Photochromic Lenses and Their Benefits

Besides the heat, summertime can be challenging for individuals using prescription glasses. Switching between sunglasses and eyeglasses that the optician has prescribed can become a nuisance. So, what's the solution to this inconvenience?

The best solution is a pair of photochromatic glasses. With these lenses, there is no need to worry about switching between your regularly prescribed eyewear and sunglasses. Photochromatic spectacles are the ultimate combination of style and protection. Want to know more? Well, let us explore!

Introduction to Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic is also known as photochromatic. Photochromatic glasses are brilliantly designed to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and sunlight. They are also commonly known as transition lenses. These lenses have a 'sunglass effect,' meaning they darken when exposed to sunlight, and when indoors they become clear again like normal lenses.

Photochromatic lenses first became commercially available in 1966 through Corning Glass Works Inc. These spectacles can be used in all lighting conditions, indoors and outdoors. These transition lenses are also known as auto-tinted, adaptive, or variable-tinted lenses.

So, this season, combine protection and style with photochromatic spectacles. Forever avoid the inconvenience of switching from sunglasses to prescription eyeglasses!

Types of Photochromic Lenses

The demand for photochromatic glasses has increased over time. Given their UV protection, even opticians advise using them. So, we must know the different types of photochromatic lenses available for outdoor purposes. Let us see the different transition lenses that we have in detail:

  • Sports eyeglasses

Playing sports in the sun while wearing conventional prescription glasses could prove risky. If you switch to sports eyewear, you can have protection against dust and other factors. However, it is not enough! You will get little protection against UV rays and intense sunlight. Photochromatic spectacles are an effective solution as you will be shielded from the sun's rays for a pleasant gaming experience!

  • Colourful eyeglasses

Initially, we only had photochromic lenses glasses with one tint and sunglasses with multiple tint options. But now times are different. Not only do the photochromic spectacles have advanced designs, but they also come in several tint options. From brown to green, blue to grey, transition eyewear has never been so stylish! It's time to invest in a stylish and protective pair of eyewear.

Benefits and advantages of photochromatic lenses

We know that photochromic glasses or transition lenses suit all lighting conditions. But what are the other photochromic lenses benefits? Let's find out.

  • Protection against harmful UV rays

    Stepping out in the sun can be more harmful than we usually comprehend. The harmful UV rays can do considerable damage to our eyes. If we don't take precautions, we become prone to cataract development in old age. However, using photochromatic lenses, we can control the damage.

    • Convenience and lack of hassle

      Carrying two glasses can be annoying and inconvenient. Then comes the hassle of changing from one to another. But what if one glass could act as your prescribed lens and protect you against sunlight? Well, it's possible with photochromatic lenses!

      •  Affordable and cost-effective

        There is no denying that the price is substantial. However, purchasing just one photochromatic glass spares you from making multiple purchases. You need not buy sunglasses along with your prescribed spectacle lenses. So, it saves you more money and is affordable if you consider the bigger picture.

        • Maintenance of proper eye health

          Constantly switching between sunglasses and prescribed eyeglasses is inconvenient. There is one more downside to it, though. It does not result in a smooth transition for your eyes. Meanwhile, photochromatic glasses ensure a steady transition to light and dark based on sunlight intensity, maintaining eye health over time.

          • Comparable to polarized eyewear

            Most people might have the misconception that polarised glasses are better than photochromatic lenses. But this is not the case. Photochromatic glasses, provide as much eye protection and also block intense sunlight and UV rays to give clear vision.

            Applications and Suitability for Different Lifestyles

            Photochromatic lenses are suitable for daily use. Opticians consider them equivalent to standard eyeglasses. If you need to be outdoors, especially in the sun, for long hours, invest in photochromatic spectacles!

            There are no age restrictions for wearing transition lenses, but you must receive a prescription from an optician beforehand. These eyeglasses are suitable for children as well. They're a great way to shield your child's eyes from damaging UV rays when they play outdoors.


            Photochromatic lenses are an excellent two-in-one solution offering protection and style. Now that you know how they function, why not try them? Get the latest photochromic lenses price and options in Kenya from Optica, and pair them with your favorite frames.

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