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Why Blue Light from Your Smartphone is Concerning

by Eric Gathoni

Why Blue Light from Your Smartphone is Concerning

Constant exposure to digital devices is one of the biggest changes of human behaviour in the 21st Century. Whether it’s sharing a meme on Instagram, working long hours on a computer, or watching Netflix late into the night, we are all looking at digital screens for most of our waking hours. This surely has to be a concern because we as humans have not been programmed to look at a bright screen all the time, or have we?

Long ago before technology took over, our ancestors had little or no worries as their days started with the first ray of sunlight in the morning and called it a day soon as the sun set.

Today, it is totally different as people in many countries no longer go to sleep when the sun sets. For most of us, after a long day full of activities in front of a computer screen, we continue looking at a screen well into the night whether it is our mobile devices, televisions or laptops. We are exposing ourselves more and more to blue light being emitted from these devices. If you are one of the few with self-control and don’t look at a digital device for more than 6-8 hours a day, props to you!


But what is this blue light that is coming from our devices?

Blue light is actually everywhere and even sunlight is a source of blue light. Scientifically, blue light falls into the visible light spectrum and has a short wavelength that emits high energy.

blue light


Please tell me in simple English why I should be concerned about this?

These high energy short wavelengths of blue light can cause a flickering that results in glare and reduces our ability to process this light unlike we do with other visible light. As a result this may be one of the reasons we experience headaches, eyestrain, and a disturbed sleep cycle among other things after long periods of looking at digital screens.

However, not all blue light is bad, and surely it can’t be if the sun is also a source. But studies suggest that overexposure to this blue light coming from our digital devices can damage the retina of our eyes. This is because our eyes are not very good at blocking blue light and it penetrates all the way to the back of our eyes.

More research is needed into the actual impact of blue light and how much is considered too much exposure, however, there is growing concern that blue light from digital devices can increase our risk of macular degeneration, which can lead to a loss of vision.

Now you may not absolutely need blue block lenses now, but like my family doctor always tells me, prevention is better than a cure.

As the world gets more digital and we are getting more and more exposed to blue light, you should protect your eyes for the present and the future.

You can find blue block lenses at any Optica store and can also choose blue block lenses when shopping online.


Personal note: From my own personal experience I can genuinely tell you that since I started wearing blue block lenses my eyes have been feeling a lot better and less sensitive. I never used to wear glasses before, I actually have no prescription and so my glasses are not for correcting any vision issues, but now when I am not wearing my frames with my blue block lenses I can feel the difference. I would certainly recommend getting blue block lenses.

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