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Protection from Blue Light

blue blocker buyer guide

During this unprecedented time most of our routines and behaviours have changed, accordingly, we must change the actions we take to help ourselves.

Whether studying from home or working from home, we are now spending more time throughout the day looking at digital devices. Be it a computer screen, mobile phone, TV or all of these.

Through various channels we at Optica have been hearing of queries and statements being made of eye strains and recurring headaches.

Some places we have heard these statements are from work group video calls and most notably over chat groups during online school sessions.

These online sessions are being accessed via one of the mediums mentioned above, and it is leading to more exposure to digital devices, which means more exposure to potentially harmful blue light.

Digital devices such as computers and mobile phones emit blue light. The blue light coming from these devices is known to penetrate all the way to the back of the eyes.

Overexposure to this light can lead to eye strain, eye fatigue, and an increase in the risk of macular degeneration.

In an effort to increase awareness and at the same time provide affordable protection, we at Optica are offering a 25% discount for blue light blocking lenses on our online store at Simply select a frame you like and blue block lenses, and the discount will apply automatically.

For those that have 20/20 vision, meaning they do not need spectacles, they are also able to wear these blue light blocking lenses as they are available in non-prescription (0.00)

For any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us on 0709-709-000 or at

Let us take what measures we can to inform one another and take care of our children and ourselves.

Thank you and stay safe.