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Blue Light Protection Is Important And Here's Why!

by Eric Gathoni

Blue Light Protection Is Important And Here's Why!

Most of us are at home in the pandemic because we spend most of the day in front of screens. No matter what age you are and what you are doing, screens play an essential role in our lives. 

Most of us attend classes or work online, due to which we spend many hours in front of our laptops and phones. Therefore, it is vital to protect ourselves from the dangers that these devices can use. One of the main dangers of these devices is the emission of blue light. 

Many people have started wearing blue-light protection glasses to protect their eyes from this blue light. These glasses will protect you from the computers' cause on your eyes. Click here to know everything about blue light blocking Eyeglasses.

Eye doctors recommend wearing blue-light eyeglasses that provide us with eye protection. These will help protect you from any eyesight problems in the future. 

What is Blue Light?

Produced by the sun, even our computer monitors, smartphones, & other digital devices emit blue light. 

Additionally, it gets produced by LED and fluorescent light bulbs around us. Hence, we are constantly exposed and surrounded by blue light in different forms, irrespective of where we are.

How does blue light affect our eyes?

Our eyes protect us from different kinds of light. For example, the cornea and lens protect our eyes from UV rays' light-sensitive areas of our eyes. However, they fail to protect our eyes against blue light.

As the sun is one of the primary sources of blue light, we must look for ways to provide us with eye protection. When we start protecting our eyes, the impact of the blue light will decrease on our eyes.

Importance of Blue Light Glasses and Lenses

Blue light emission is harmful to our eyes as it strains them. When you sit for long periods on your laptop, computer, or phone, you will experience blurry vision or headaches. The triggering of these problems indicates the level of eye strain you experience due to constant exposure to these gadgets.

If you don't like eyeglasses, you can use blue block lenses. These lenses essentially do the same job that blue-light glasses do. They protect your eyes from blue light. You can get a prescription from your eye doctor for these blue block lenses.

Another option that you have for protecting your eyes is by wearing sunglasses. When you go out, you can wear sunglasses with blue light protection. 

Here is why you should consider getting blue light protection glasses or lenses: 

  • Blue light everywhere: This is everywhere around us, in natural and artificial ways like LED lights, televisions, and laptops. Hence, blue light surrounds us everywhere. To minimise its impact, blue light glasses are your best best. They protect your eyes from constant exposure, which can cause eyesight problems.
  • Eye Protection: Our cornea and lens of the eyes effectively block UV rays from harming our eyes. However, when it comes to blue light, it can reach the most sensitive parts of our eyes and pass the barriers. When it passes most aspects of our eyes, it can damage the retina of our eyes. However, blue-light-blocking lenses or eyeglasses provide eye protection.
  • Increased risk of permanent eye loss: If blue light reaches our retinas and starts damaging them, the later stage involves permanent damage to the eyes. So, it is essential to protect our eyes from this, and so you must prescribe yourself blue-light protection glasses to minimise your damage.
  • Digital eye strain: When we look at digital devices for a long time, it can cause digital eye strain. People who use computers, laptops, and phones tend to blink less. When we blink less, we have less moisture in our eyes. The impact of digital eye strain is related to the focusing system of our eyes. Blue light protection glasses help create a barrier between our eyes and the light. 
  • Less sleep: Using digital devices before bedtime reduces our sleep time. Thus, most eye doctors recommend you switch off your devices an hour or two before going to bed. However, if you cannot do so, you should start wearing blue light protection glasses to ensure you sleep better and for longer hours.