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Blue light blocking glasses: Everything That You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about blue light blocking glasses


Human beings have recently become wary about the potentially damaging effects of blue light. Overexposure to it can increase the possible risk of suffering from some eye problems. The fear of being vulnerable to blue light has escalated as parents are increasingly fearful of their children and family members glued to digital screens. 

It includes continued work on computers/laptops and mobiles/tablets or watching television channels all day. While the digital surge has made everyone dependent on computers and mobiles for their work, prolonged stay at home due to lockdowns and curfews forces people to rely on TV and other devices for their entertainment.

Eye specialists define it as digital eye strain equivalent to eye and vision-related problems stemming from consistent and unchecked use of different digital devices. Young adults are more likely to suffer from this problem as they spend significantly more time on them. Many of them have shared with their doctors the possible swelling up of eyes after staring at digital screens for long hours. Optometrists have often opined about the possible correlation between the duration/frequency of digital devices and users’ proximity to the screens.

How does blue light affect your eyes?


Digital eye strain is now more pervasive as people have started complaining of symptoms like dry eyes, blurred vision, and persistent discomfort in the eyes. Some even complain of double vision, thus, making it difficult to focus on the text or comprehend images while reading or watching.

Optometrists list various reasons for such symptoms, like poor lighting or undetected vision problems. However, the most common factor that they believe is constant exposure to screens. Though most of these symptoms like - eye tearing and headaches are temporary, persistent viewing of digital screens may cause these symptoms to be prolonged and severe.

Limited exposure to blue light is not harmful, but problems crop up when exposing oneself to it for too long and too often. Even hours spent scrolling through various social media sites on smartphones can be one of the reasons for extensive exposure to blue light. Staying glued to news or a well-written piece till long hours at night exposes your eyes to blue light from the screens. This excess blue light exposure can lead to eye strain and insomnia.

When to wear blue light glasses?


Today’s generation uses computers/laptops and mobiles more vigorously,, which is why they are more vulnerable to the effects of blue light from these screens. Optometrists recommend blue block glasses to today’s generation to block off the blue light that is causing potential damage to their eyes.

Eye problems, including dry eyes and blurred vision due to harmful blue-violet light rays from TV, smartphones have become an increasing phenomenon. Many parents have shared concerns regarding disruptions in their kids’ sleep schedules due to continued exposure to blue light from their computer screens.

Eye specialists recommend using blue light glasses while using desktop computers or laptops. It holds significance with employees spending more than eight hours per day, especially during the pandemic. This overexposure has resulted in many people complaining of discomfort like persistent headaches and pain in the eyes. Blue block glasses effectively reduce eye strain, and thus gamers, programmers, and corporate employees prefer them more.

Measuring lens protection

Many people misinterpret colour-tinted lenses as blue light glasses. The difference is not too apparent to the naked eyes. However, many people are ignorant of what blue block glasses essentially are and their importance in today’s times.

There is so much hype surrounding blue light blocking glasses that more people are now eager to know how the blue light filter works. The effectiveness of these glasses is debatable as their effectiveness depends on the lenses used. Depending on the lenses used, blue block glasses can effectively block between five and 40% of the blue light spectrum affecting the eyes. 

While most lenses come with a blue coating, some have a yellow or amber tint that blocks the blue light. These lenses are used in computer glasses to reflect 65% of the blue light falling on them. However, their use beyond viewing computer/laptop screens is limited. 

There is no prescribed method to assess the effectiveness of blue light glasses and examine their efficiency. However, the simplistic way can be to put on your computer glasses and check the colour of the light reflected off the lenses. If the blue light is reflecting the glasses, you will understand that the lenses are filtering them.

Also, while buying these lenses, you can ask the seller for the brand spectrum report. The spectrum report details highlight how much blue light the computer glasses filter. Many buyers mistakenly trust the ‘Blue Pen Test’ adopted by some sellers to test their blue light lenses. Since these pens emit violet light or purple light, the purpose of the test stands defeated. Avoid dealers or manufacturers recommending the Blue Pen test to sell their products.

Buyers have exceptionally high expectations regarding the lenses they pay for, as they believe that these would solve all their eye problems. This impression is impractical and over the top in the opinion of different eye specialists. However, wearing blue light glasses comforts the users’ eyes and makes screen viewing more comfortable.

Do you need blue-light-blocking glasses?

You must opt for blue light blocking glasses if you are keen to protect your eyes from the effects of harsh light. When it comes to protecting your eyes, every small measure matters. While the concept of blue block glasses may seem too simplistic, you must not ignore its effectiveness in comfortable reading. 

Even scientific researchers prove that our eyes are unable to block blue light owing to their short wavelength. This high-energy visible light can increase the risk of eyestrain. Also, there are two domains of blue light - one of which damages the cells of the retina while the other blue light affects our wake/sleep cycle. The former causes dry eyes and headaches, while the latter may be a significant cause of trouble in sleeping.

With blue light being everywhere, our natural body clock gets disrupted. Since the brain associates blue light with daytime, prolonged exposure to blue light can make it difficult for many to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Scientists are still debating on the amount of blue light resulting in physical and emotional health problems. However, many people associate long-term exposure with notable side effects on both the body and mind.

Certain habits or situations underscore why a pair of blue light glasses can be an invaluable investment. You need them urgently if:

  • You tend to work late at night, especially in front of a screen.
  • You find it difficult to sleep at night
  • You frequently complain of weak or blurred vision and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome owing to spending long hours on various digital screens
  • You spend too much time on mobile/laptop screens

Can you wear blue light-blocking glasses all the time?


The fear of adverse effects from wearing blue block glasses all the time is unwarranted. It is because the blue tint on the eyeglasses acts to protect the eyes from blue light. Also, the blue coating on the lenses is subtle and aids in vision correction, thus, providing dual benefits. 

If you do not have blue light blocking glasses, you can try a blue light blocking coating on your glasses for a similar effect. The best time to wear blue light glasses is while playing video games, working on a computer/laptop screen, browsing on mobile or watching television.

Blue light glasses are like everyday glasses designed with filters inside that make them perfect for daily use. These glasses suit people who work for prolonged hours in front of the screens due to professional or personal reasons. People with limited screen exposure can also benefit from them. You can still wear blue block glasses even if you are not exposing yourself to digital screens.

You can wear blue light blocking glasses all day sans any fear of them impacting your eyes negatively. Instead, wearing them every day protects your eyes and keeps them safe from harmful blue light exposure.

Your pride, Neighbours’ envy

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