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Eyewear Trends: 2022 and 2023

by Eric Gathoni

Eyewear Trends: 2022 and 2023

In 2021 and 2022, eyeglasses are your best friends. A new year provides a fresh opportunity to chuck the old accessories and gain new ones. With trendy eyeglasses frames worn by A-listed celebrities, you need to upgrade your wardrobe now. If staying on top of happening fashion is your thing, you are at the right spot.

We have assembled a definitive list of top spectacle frames for 2021 and have also given you a sneak peek into the eyeglasses you will be visualising in 2022.

Square Eyeglasses

We are used to seeing squares everywhere now - skirts, handbags, and even shoes. Squares have a vintage vibe that transcended to eyeglasses frames with a retro, 1950s look. You can look suave along with nerdy in a squared, retro plastic frame


Metallics were a thing in 1980s Hollywood. So we love that the look is back with a bang with an intergalactic-level statement piece. You can take your style inspiration from the 1980s or stick to the space themes. Metallics also comes with your basic oval-shaped eyeglasses frames, and you can also go with a metallic Ray-Ban.


It’s the new decade, so sustainability is the new mantra. Shopping with a conscience is the latest trend, and designer eyeglasses online haven’t been left behind. Eyeglasses frames are made with recycled plastic bottles or metals secured from the landfill. Sustainability is stylish; therefore, you can make an intelligent choice in 2022.



Minimalism has been around for the last few years, and the trend has been refusing to go. It has transcended to the streets, and eyeglasses have become streamlined with an infusion of monochrome. With clothes coming with excessive pockets and boxy silhouettes, the magic of minimalism has become infused with the latest spectacle frames. 

You can now boast a pair of eyeglasses with an understated and timeless look. Ray-Ban and Emily Harbour have also launched a versatile collection with thin acetate and metal frames. You can grab your favourite pair from any designer eyeglasses store to complete your look.


The detailed eyewear trend is the polar opposite of minimalism. It has been rocking our timeline as a contrast against overstated minimalism, and we have been loving it so far. Fashion thrives on contradiction, and eyewear trends are the best example of it. You can incorporate your minimalist clothing with a loud pair of eyeglasses.

Create the perfect storm with the best combination of glitters, patches, geometrical patterns, and thick spectacle frames. Of course, you do not want to go overboard; therefore, you need your eyeglasses to be loud enough to help you stand out in the crowd. You can look for details on your nose bridge or even your frames to have a thoughtful ensemble.


We have a new trendy colour every season. It is the season of bold, juicy tones of berries. You can be proactive in picking a rich colour among red, purple, pink, and even lavender. Gorge yourself in these bold colours and get your very-berry-coloured eyewear from an eyeglasses store.

You can make a statement wardrobe with the perfect blend of purple eyeglasses frames and purple shoes. You can have your thrill while creating a trendy outfit for the day.

Trends for 2022

We can safely assume that some of the eyeglasses trends of 2021 will continue in 2022. However, we can predict what lies ahead for us.

Assertive Feminine

Optica has been manufacturing eyeglasses for people to embrace their gender and femininity. We can assume that oval-shaped glasses and cat-eye glasses in pink and purple will be trending in 2022. You can expect the eyeglasses to have a shiny, soft, and translucent finish.

Geometric Shapes

The young crowd continues to embrace geometric patterns combined with bright colours. People explore geometric shapes in their clothes; therefore, we can expect our eyeglasses to have the same feel. Geometric eyewear also remains our favourite, and we will continue to endorse it.

Transparent Glasses

The clear eyeglasses trend started with Instagram a couple of years back. And we can see it coming back in 2022. Although transparent glasses had an ultimatum a few years back, you can still pull it off with the right outfit. In addition, you can easily have your moment in a transparent frame with light makeup.


An online eyeglasses store gives you a myriad of options to choose the latest style. Optica has a wide variety of designer eyeglasses online to accentuate your features and help you be a fashion diva. With celebrities endorsing cool eyeglasses frames, eyeglasses are your new accessory.