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How to Maintain eyeglasses? - 8 steps

by Eric Gathoni

How to Maintain eyeglasses? - 8 steps

We all put hours of research and effort into finding the perfect eyewear. Right from the eyeglasses frames, colour, lens, protection and material, we want everything to be just perfect. We explore every eyeglasses store online to find the perfect pair, and then we eagerly wait for our new eyeglasses to be delivered. 

We don’t think twice before splashing out money while browsing designer eyeglasses online or while checking out our perfect lenses and frames. But are we giving our eyewear the maintenance they require and should get? Shouldn’t we make sure that the glasses we are wearing last as long as possible?

Today, we will discuss the best practices to maintain our eyeglasses in simple and easy steps. These tips will give eyeglasses frames a longer life, and you will be able to bring out the absolute best in them.

Take Care Of Your Eyeglasses In 8 Simple Steps

Follow these 8 simple steps, and you will find that your eyewear is always super clean:

  • Proper Storage

Always keep your eyeglasses in their case correctly. Usually, we place them on the couch, nightstand, the bathroom sink or just about anywhere. By doing so, you put your eyewear at the risk of getting damaged. Keeping it inside the case protects it from dust, dirt, scratches, and falls. So, use a rigid case for your eyewear with enough padding from inside.

Proper Storage
  • Rinse Regularly

It will help if you rinse your glasses off with water at least once a day. Tiny particles of dust or dirt that settle on your lens can be abrasive if you wipe them off with a dry cloth. Also, regularly cleaning them with water will keep them in their optimal state, which means less strain on your eyes.  

Rinse Regularly

  • Let It Dry

Letting your glasses air dry after you have washed them off is a great way to avoid any material from getting to your lens. Make sure that they are left in a clean place to dry. You can also use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the excess moisture and then air dry. It will improve the longevity of your eyeglass. 

  • Use Eyeglass Cleansers Only

If you plan to use any chemical-based products to wipe off the dirt and dust particles from your eyewear, make sure they are apt for cleaning lenses and are of the best quality. You must avoid using general cleaning products because the ammonia inside them damages the coating of your lens.

Use Eyeglass Cleansers Only

  • Use The Right Cloth

If you use a napkin, towel, or tissue to clean your lens, you put undue scratches on it. These clothing materials, including your shirt, have a textured surface and damage your lens. So, no matter how soft they feel on your skin, avoid using them.

Use only 100% cotton fabric to wipe off your lenses. If it is not 100% cotton, stop using it right away to avoid damaging your lenses in the long run. Also, make sure that the fabric you are using is not dirty, as the residue can transfer into your lens.

  • Avoid Putting Them On Your Head

We all do that. We get it, but that is not the right place to place them. Putting them on the head keeps them safe and helps you keep track of them. But, it is also one of the primary reasons why your eyeglasses frames are all loosened up.

The top of the head is generally broad, and eventually, the eyewear will start losing its strength and durability. To avoid it, start using a strap for your eyewear and hang them around your neck.

  • Use Both Hands

Using only one of your hands to remove the glasses may cause misalignment with the frame. It may even weaken the screws or break your glasses. Instead, get into the habit of using both of your hands whenever you are handling your eyewear. Whether you are removing them, putting them back on or keeping them in the case, use both of your hands.

  • Get Them Re-adjusted

Nobody likes when their glasses keep falling off their face. This can hamper your concentration and may put a strain on your eyes. After regular use, the screws do become loose. No matter how honest you were in maintaining them, it can happen. So, if you find them becoming ill-fitting, get them re-adjusted as soon as possible. 

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