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Simple hacks to get rid of scratches in your eyeglasses

by Eric Gathoni

Simple hacks to get rid of scratches in your eyeglasses

Top Ten Hacks to Remove Eyeglass Scratches

You spend a lot of time and money buying new eyeglasses. Why not devote a few minutes of your day to take care of them? More than the colour and shape of the frame that exhibit your personality, you should be concerned about the lens that underscores your outlook backed by clear vision.

Listen to your friends who ask you to pay heed to your eyeglasses as you pay attention to your eyes. It would be needless to say that you need this extra pair of eyes to view the world around you. Cracked and dirty glasses won’t do any good as they would only obfuscate your vision or distort the way you view the world around you. However, irrespective of how well you take care of them, your eyeglasses are always prone to some nicks and scratches. The minor dings and scruffs that seem inconspicuous may cause you continued eye strain.

Ten cool hacks to remove eyeglass scratches

Restoring your old glasses marked by fine cuts and stretches is easy. It is up to you whether you relegate your glasses to some old drawer in your home or restore them with simple and available home remedies. Following are some cool hacks that will keep your glasses from getting scuffed or develop new scratches.

  • Baking soda with water:

    Did you know that a simple and common kitchen ingredient, baking soda could help restore your lenses? All you must do is make a thick paste with your easily available cooking soda and water and rub it on the lenses gently in a circular motion. Wash off the lens with cool water and repeat the task till you realize the scratches are fading away.

  • Sunscreen lotion

    Dirt and grime on lenses get more visible due to the scratches on them. Your sunscreen lotion with an SPF of more than 45 can be the perfect answer to get rid of the worn-out look of your eyeglasses as much as it protects your skin from suffering burns and tans. If you want your old pair of spectacles to look new and eliminate the scratches on its lenses, dab a little sunscreen on a soft cloth to polish your lenses and their edges till you get rid of the scratches and the light coating on them. Avoid this process if you have glass lenses.

  • Toothpaste:

    Do not limit your toothpaste to getting healthy teeth alone. Believe it or not, you can use toothpaste as a buffing agent to treat minor scratches. Refrain from using toothpaste that contains teeth whitening agents and has an abrasive texture to it. Just take a soft cloth or cotton ball, dab on it a small dollop of toothpaste and rub it on the lens gently in a circular motion. Continue doing this for 10 seconds and then rinse off your lenses with cool water. If there are many scratches, and they are deep, then you may want to visit an eyeglass store to get them removed.

  • Liquid dishwashing soap:

    Think how the liquid dishwashing soap that you use to clean your dishes every day, can be used to get your lenses rid of dirt and unwanted scratches. Just apply two drops of the liquid dishwashing solution on your lenses and rub them gently. Then wash off the lenses with lukewarm water. Do not dab the lenses dry with any cloth. Instead, wait for the water to slide off the lenses. Then take a soft, cleansing cloth to completely dry off the lenses. Hold your glasses to the light and you will find that the scratches have faded away and the lenses look completely new. For safety reasons, you can also mix the liquid soap with water in a spray bottle to spray the liquid on the glasses and clean them regularly.

  • Vinegar:

    The sour tasting vinegar found in our kitchen cupboards can be an effective hack to treat your eyeglasses. The process of using vinegar to clean your lenses is no different from how you use baking soda and water to clean them. The vinegar in the mix lends a glossy look to your glasses and makes them look transparent. However, you must not use this vinegar-water solution if you have plastic lenses in your glasses.

  • Baby wash solution:

    Baby care products are extremely mild and can be used to clean your lenses too. Just add a few drops of baby wash to water, mix both into a thick paste, and apply it on your lenses. Then, rinse off the liquid with lukewarm water. Dab the lens with a soft, cotton cloth and admire your glasses free of scratches.

  • Alcohol:

    A mix of alcohol and baking soda can work wonders for your glasses. Also you must take care and never pour alcohol directly on your lenses. Ensure that you create a thick mix of alcohol with cooking soda and dab the mix with a soft cloth on your lenses gently in a circular motion to remove the scratches. Then rinse off the lenses with cool water and wipe them off again with a soft cloth for better results.

  • Brass polish:

    Hard scratches can be difficult to be rid of. Brass polish works wonders in such cases. Besides helping you get rid of the shallow scratches etched on the surface of your lens, rubbing brass polish on the glass can help get rid of the dirt too. Before using this method, check that the polish is free of harsh chemicals like acetone to prevent damage to your eyeglasses.

  • Car wax:

    Shallow scratches though minor necessitate immediate attention. For effective results, use car wax to remove the scratches. Just put a little amount of car wax on your lenses and rub it gently with a soft cloth. Then wash off your lenses with cool water and wipe them with tissue paper or a soft cloth. For effective scratch removal, you can try this method every week.

  • Baby oil:

    Using baby oil can be equally effective like using a mix of baby shampoo with water to get rid of light scratches on your lenses. Just buff a small drop of the oil on your lens, rub it gently and finish it off by rinsing it off with cool water. Then wipe off the water with a soft cloth till you are sure that the scratches have disappeared.


Look for Quality Eyeglasses

There is no permanent fix to treating the scratches on your eyeglasses. We advise you to pack your glasses in a soft pouch before putting them into your glasses case. If scratches are deep and well-etched on your lenses, you may want to consider purchasing a new pair.

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