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The 10 Most Stylish Eyeglass Frames Of 2021

by Eric Gathoni

The 10 Most Stylish Eyeglass Frames Of 2021

When it comes to frames & eyewear, there is no better eye accessory that can escalate your personal style; especially, if you want to opt for a set of trendy eyeglass frames. Spectacle Frames are the latest must-haves in every fashion lover’s wardrobe, and with the variety of frames that are available at online stores, it is no wonder they are so popular.

Whether you want spectacle frames for men or the latest spectacle frames for women, a new pair of modern frames & eyewear can refresh your whole look. You don’t have to worry about boring prescription glasses anymore, in our list of the 10 most stylish eyeglass frames we have curated the trendiest spectacles that are safe for your eyes and will make you look good. 

Popular Eyewear styles and shapes to look out for

Modern Glass

Studies have shown that while working from home, most people have found themselves staring at their laptops and phone screens for more than eight hours. This continuous strain on your eyes can lead to a surge in eyesight power needed that can lead to the requirement of prescription glasses. Now, you can get blue light protection prescription (and non-prescription) glasses that come in various styles. Some of the fresh styles for 2021 that you have to check out, are listed below.

Here are some eyewear frames that are going to rule the year:

Cat-eye Frames:

The cat-eye glasses are a popular choice when it comes to spectacle frames for ladies. It is a retro classic that includes exaggerated rims, bold colors like turquoise, maroon, and emerald green, along with a crystalline body that looks sleek and feminine. The cat-eye glasses suit almost every face type, if you have a square face shape then it will add soft angles to your features. If you have a round face the cat-eye style will add angles that will define your features.

These frames can level up your personal style, and they go with many outfits for various occasions. Whether you have to go for a brunch with your ladies or have a last-minute zoom meeting with your boss, the cat-eye style is a frame for every game. If you want to go for a power look, then it’s suggested that you wear a pantsuit with your frames; this outfit will do wonders for your confidence too.


The iconic Aviators are refined and lightweight, and when it comes to spectacle frames for men and women it’s a perfect choice. This is a great style for people who like to keep their accessories minimal and simple. The iconic fine metal and teardrop shaping make it largely appealing to customers of all ages. If you want to incorporate some finesse into your daily style, then look for aviators in acetate or metal frames.

The modern Aviator eyeglass frames are not the same outdated frames that our parents used to wear in the 70s or the 80s. The new take on these classics features, unique details, shapes, and colours, create a contemporary style.

Vintage Large Round Frames:

The vintage large round frames have been quite the trend for the last few decades, and the metal-rimmed frames have been getting more attention in 2021. Look for large round high nose bridge frames & eyewear because they look elegant and effortlessly stylish. If you are a lover of all things vintage, then these frames can add a quirky twist to your prescription glasses. These frames are great for people who have an oval or diamond face shape because the round frames soften the features. Look for round glasses in black or dark red colors, as they are versatile and will go well with any outfit (casual or formal).

Thin and Lightweight Frames:

When you are looking for blue light blocking glasses that are minimal and stylish, then the thin and lightweight frames are a great choice! There is an understated elegance that comes with thin frames, they are a personal favorite for many because of their chic look and formal vibe. Go for colors like gold or rose gold metal frames for this style. You can pair it with a monochrome or solid-colored outfit to make the eyewear really stand out! These frames are perfect for the office because they go flawlessly with any formal/semi-formal attire. So, if you have any important presentation that needs you to look your professional best then these are the frames for you.

Retro style Round glasses:

Looking for frames & eyewear that really resonate with your retro aesthetic? Then Retro-style round glasses are the way to go! This style has been a long-standing favourite for frames and eyewear enthusiasts. The round silhouette is much-loved because it’s no longer limited as a sunglass staple. Right now, more spectacle styles are beginning to adopt this style in old-school metal and colorful acetate shapes. Oversized round glasses suit almost every face shape and they provide optimal eye protection, especially when you choose blue light protection lenses. You will never go unnoticed with these eyeglasses.

Wooden frames:

If you want to go for frames & eyewear that are natural and stylish, then wooden frames are a great choice. These frames have been making the hot trends list this year. You can choose from modified styles that have added colors, for a bit more pizazz. You can pair these frames with any casual look, especially if you want to add a fun and quirky twist to your outfit. Wooden eyewear frames provide a raw and vintage aesthetic to any look. Not only are they trendy, but the frames are incredibly strong and durable. We would suggest that you pair these frames with a casual t-shirt and types of denim pants for an effortlessly casual look.

Transparent rims:

The transparent rims have an easy-to-wear and glamorous vibe to them. This eyewear style has been carried over from last year, and it is still going strong; especially, in the spectacle frames for men category. There are many reasons this frame has become a favorite this year, the clear unique design is available in beautiful shades like green, pink, blue, and peach. You can even opt for rims that are half metal and half-transparent for a fresh and fun style. These glasses can easily raise your fashion game because they can be paired with any outfit. 

Geometric Eyeglasses:

You don’t need to learn any difficult math problems to enjoy this style! Ditch those boring frames and add a little funk to your look with geometric eyewear. These glasses have a quirky appeal that is dominating eyewear trends all over the world. Look for geometric shapes like octagon, hexagon, square, and rectangle. The angular and sharp features of the frames will really define your facial features. We suggest selecting geometric frames in a wonderful gray shade, as they are perfect for work meetings and a night out on the town.

Rimless frames:

The rimless frames are lightweight and they were first popularized during the 1800s as “pince-nez”. This frame style can be worn by anyone, especially if they want to go for a minimalist style. The rimless frame is suitable for people who want to keep up with the latest trends, especially since the frames will never go out of style. These frames are perfect for people who have to wear glasses throughout the day because they are comfortable and light.  So, you won’t be distracted by a heavyweight frame pushing down your nose. Additionally, the rimless hem goes with any outfit. 

How to choose the perfect eyewear for you?

Here are some important factors that you must consider when choosing the perfect frames & eyewear styles of 2021.

Face shapes:

When picking a frame, the first aspect you will look for is whether it suits your face or not. Here are the primary face shapes and the eyewear that suits them the best:

  • Oval shape: This face shape can carry off almost any style because of the sharp facial features like high cheekbones and angular jawline. Look for rounded frames like aviators, retro round glasses, or oval frames that help soften your angular features. They are some of the best glasses for the oval face.
  • Heart-shaped face: This shape has a narrow chin, large forehead, and broad cheekbones. So, to balance the features you must choose eyewear that has a wider bottom half. Square or round frames will help draw attention to your sharp jawline.
  • Square-shaped face: A square-shaped face has a strong jawline and broad forehead. To soften the features choose frames that even out your facial proportions, like narrow frames, narrow ovals, and frames that are wider.
  • Round-shaped face: This face shape has the same proportions, so you must look for eyewear that has angles that gives depth and dimension to your features. Look for square and geometric-shaped frames, rather than rimless or round frames.

Whether you are wearing prescription or non-prescription glasses, you need to wear lenses that are durable and provide the best performance. Here are the various lens coating elements you need to look for when shopping for various types of eyewear. 


  • Hydrophobic: This means water-resistant, the coating is transparent and made from titanium dioxide. The hydrophobic coating prevents rain and fog from settling on the lens. It also keeps dirt and dust particles at bay.
  • Anti-glare: These lenses have an anti-reflective coating that reduces reflection, which is not only for useful computer use, but it can also be for everyday use and prevent reflection from many surfaces; especially, when you have to drive at night.
  • Blue light: Just like the name suggests the blue light lens offers protection from the potentially detrimental light that is emitted from digital screens and prevents dry eye syndrome.


Comfort is another important aspect that customers look for when selecting frames and eyeglasses. No matter how trendy the style is, it won’t stick if the wearer is not comfortable. As mentioned before, look for glasses that suit your face shape, and match the frame measurements provided to you. Look for eyewear that is made from good quality materials and is durable.

Frame material:

Speaking of good frame material, here are some durable and strong ones you must look for when shopping for spectacles frames online.

  • Acetate: These frames are hypoallergenic and lightweight. The material is nylon-based and is much more glossy than any other common spectacle material. They come in a variety of textures and patterns. The two types of acetate frames are- 

Plastic - These frames are an affordable choice, they are lightweight and comfortable. They are also available in a large range of colours. 

Metal- This is one of the most used frame materials. Metal acetate frames are durable and strong. They are resistant to heat and corrosion. 

  • Wood: We have already mentioned how trendy wooden frames are in 2021, and it’s because of their texture, strength, and appealing look.

Over the past year, customers have been loving shopping for frames & eyewear online. It is convenient, hassle-free, and there are many options to choose from. At Optica’s website, you can pick from various types of eyewear that are of excellent quality and at an affordable rate. All you have to do is choose the frame you want, set the lens specifications, along with paying through a safe transaction process, and the glasses will be shipped to you in no time. Our customer service support will be happy to help clear all your doubts and ensure that you purchase spectacles that match your specifications.

Hopefully, our list of the 10 best eyeglass trends of 2021 will help you decide on the style that suits you the best. Choose from our curated collection and you are assured the best quality frames & eyewear, on every purchase.